Online and unsolicited applications – what really matters

At a time when digital communication and initiative are key characteristics in the job market, online and unsolicited applications offer significant advantages and demonstrate serious interest. This article looks at what you need to bear in mind with these forms of application, what advantages they offer and how they can increase your chances of finding a training position.

The advantages of online applications:

  • Efficiency: online applications are quicker and more efficient than traditional postal applications.
  • Flexibility: They make it easy to customize and reuse documents for different applications.
  • Reach: They extend the radius of potential training companies and thus increase the chances of finding a training place.

Unsolicited applications:

  • Personal initiative: You show proactive interest and motivation, even if there is no specific job advertisement.
  • Individual design: The application can be individually tailored to the company without having to adhere to the specific requirements of a job advertisement.
  • Advantages: They can lead to unexpected opportunities, as companies often have a need for trainees even if they have not advertised a position.
    Both forms of application require careful research about the company, a clear and concise presentation of your qualifications and goals, and a professional appearance of the documents. For students applying for an apprenticeship, online and speculative applications therefore offer an effective way to stand out from other applicants and demonstrate interest in their career development.