„The proof of the pudding is in the eating“ – I’m sure everyone has heard this saying before. That’s exactly what an internship is for. Here you can test which profession suits you and gain initial experience while you are still at school.

It’s practical for you

No matter which path you choose, practical experience is super important for you. The difference between theoretical knowledge and practical day-to-day work is often huge. An internship gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts and work techniques you have learnt. This not only gives you ideas for your career choice, but also sharpens your focus on the essentials. Not everyone who can do excellent scientific research at home can automatically cope with the hectic pace and time pressure at work. The internship is therefore also intended as a kind of training for your future job, so that you can really test yourself under real conditions. Find out who you are and where you want to go. And above all: show what you can do and make important contacts!

School internship

Choosing a career or course of study is one of the most important decisions of all. During a school internship, you gain your first practical experience and realise whether your dream job really suits you. The tasks and activities you carry out during your school internship give you a first insight into your everyday working life and show you what technology does and will do. You will also find out where your strengths lie and what you really enjoy.

Is this what you imagined the job would be like? Great, many employers attach great importance to applications from young people who have already familiarised themselves with the future career field. That way, both sides – you and your future training company – know who and what to expect. And the best thing is that mechanical and plant engineering is an industry with a future. That’s why we are happy to train competent and technically-minded junior employees who are guaranteed to be taken on and help shape the future if they successfully complete their training.


Internship during your studies

With an internship before you enrol on a degree course (a prerequisite for enrolment on some degree courses), but especially during your studies, you can supplement your theoretical knowledge with practical experience. In the first part of your degree programme at the latest, you will complete your basic internship and get to know the technology up close in the companies. This will motivate you for the following semesters and show you the technical areas in which you can specialise. You will be well prepared for your specialised internship at a specifically selected company. And you may have already taken your first step towards starting your career.


Internship abroad

As a well-trained and well-educated specialist in mechanical and plant engineering, you can work anywhere in the world. With an internship abroad, you lay the foundation and make your first contacts.
During your studies, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience abroad, expand your language skills and learn how technology is changing the world. Many companies in the mechanical engineering sector have service and sales companies as well as production facilities worldwide and offer internships abroad. You have the best chances if you have already completed an internship at a German location. Internships abroad are highly sought-after and only the best are sponsored.