Electronics technician for automation technology (m/f/d)

What do you do as an electronics technician for automation technology? 

The future belongs to robots – and to those who build them. If you want to be one of them, a dual apprenticeship as an electronics technician for automation technology is perfect for you. You will first learn to analyze production processes and production systems and understand the processes that take place there. Then your creativity is called for: you think about how production can be made more efficient. For example, where can robots be used to automate work steps? Based on your considerations, you develop the necessary adaptations and extensions. Of course, you also take care of the installation. Thanks to your work, production runs like clockwork.

Where are you needed?

Today, automation plays an important role in every industry, with more and more production steps being carried out automatically. For example, robots assemble doors and body parts for tractors or construction machinery along production lines. Automation and robots are also becoming increasingly important in other sectors. Your prospects are correspondingly good with an apprenticeship in electronics for automation technology. As an electronics technician for automation technology, you have promising opportunities for a successful career in mechanical and plant engineering, toolmaking or the automotive industry, among others.

What should you bring with you? 

Your training company wants you to have an intermediate school-leaving certificate, but this is not the only criterion. An interest in technology is very important when working with robots and so-called cobots. If you already have some experience with IT and computers, this is a big advantage when applying. Perhaps programming is even a hobby of yours? Or are you interested in mathematics and physics? Then you definitely have the ideal prerequisites for a dual apprenticeship as an electronics technician for automation technology. English is also an advantage, as knowledge of foreign languages is sometimes necessary in the field of software and when communicating with customers and suppliers.

Your apprenticeship at a glance

  • 3.5 years
  • If you perform very well, you can shorten the training period to up to 2.5 years
  • Theory at vocational school, practice at the training company
  • Training content: Planning and organizing work, installing and connecting electrical equipment, measuring and analyzing electrical systems, installing and setting up automation technology, configuring automation solutions
  • After your dual training, you can further develop your skills. One possible goal could be to become an industrial foreman specializing in electronics. As a master craftsman or woman, you will be ready to take on management tasks. However, a degree course is also an attractive career option once you have completed your training.

Training period:

3.5 years

Recommended school-leaving qualification:

High school

Average salary:

1st year: € 1,032 to € 1,154
2nd year: € 1,083 to € 1,187
3rd year: € 1,159 to € 1,261
4th year: € 1,238 to € 1,329

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