Electronics technician for machine and drive technology (m/f/d)

What do you do as an electronics technician for machine and drive technology? 

Do you like making things work? Then you’ll love the dual apprenticeship as an electronics technician for machine and drive technology. Because you will learn everything you need to know to get machines running with electronics. How do you do that? Motors, generators and transformers are installed in every production plant. To make them work, they need coils and windings, which are used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, for example. In electronics for machine and drive technology, everything revolves around the production of these special components. To do this, you work a lot at your workbench, where you turn, grind, wind or file. Of course, you also install the finished coils and windings in the right place. Sometimes you travel directly to your clients for assembly. You put the resulting machines and drive systems into operation. You use computer programs to check their functionality. If you discover any faults, you consider how they can be rectified. You are also a reliable contact person for older machines. As an electronics technician for machine and drive technology, you will also take care of maintenance and servicing work.

Where are you needed?

After completing your dual training in electronics for machine and drive technology, you will have a variety of career opportunities. Generators, transformers, motors and other drives have become an integral part of industry. One area that could be exciting for you if you are interested in the environment is mechanical engineering companies, such as manufacturers of wind turbines. But you can also achieve a lot in precision mechanics or in the electrical industry with the knowledge from your dual training as an electronics technician for machine and drive technology. The same also applies to rail transport, where you can use your skills to carry out repairs, for example, and thus ensure the safety of passengers. This apprenticeship will open up many good opportunities for you.

What should you bring with you? 

During your dual training, you will learn everything you need for a successful career in electronics for machine and drive technology. An intermediate school-leaving certificate will help you to find an apprenticeship, but the certificate alone is not decisive. An interest in electronics is at least as important. For example, if you are wondering how an electric car or a wind turbine actually works, you will have the most important knowledge. Accuracy is of course also required when wiring and cabling. You should therefore be very precise and reliable when working. It also doesn’t hurt if you enjoy working with your hands.

Your apprenticeship at a glance

  • Duration 3.5 years
  • Theory at vocational school, practice at the training company
  • Diverse training content:From production techniques such as filing, milling and grinding to the construction of switch and control boxes, calculation and programming
  • Even after your apprenticeship, you can continue your education in various ways. One attractive option is to train as a master craftsman or woman. Once you have passed the master craftsman’s examination, you will be ready for responsible tasks and management duties. Of course, this will also increase your salary.

Training period:

3.5 years

Recommended school-leaving qualification:

High school

Average salary:

1st year: € 800 to € 1,000
2nd year: € 850 to € 1,050
3rd year: € 900 to € 1,150
4th year: € 950 to € 1,250

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