Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)

What does a warehouse logistics specialist do? 

Whether it’s an online mail order business or a freight forwarder, goods are temporarily stored in warehouses before being dispatched. The task of a warehouse logistics specialist is to keep track of the large number of goods. Depending on the size of the company, this can quickly add up to several thousand items. But thanks to your work, nothing gets lost. As a warehouse logistics specialist, you are on site when a new delivery arrives. You check that everything is correct. Is the quantity correct? Is it the right model? To find out, you compare the delivery with the accompanying documents. Once everything is clear, you move on. You sort the delivered parts in the warehouse. You save the location and number in your electronic data recording device. This guarantees that you can find every part again. Because sooner or later you will receive a customer order, which you process. With the help of a computer program, you assemble the required parts. With the forklift truck, even heavy containers are no problem for you. As soon as you have collected everything, it’s time to pack. After all, everything should arrive at its destination undamaged. If you are shipping abroad, check whether certain conditions apply to the shipment. You hand this information and the parcel over to the shipping department so that the delivery arrives where it is expected on time.

Where are you needed?

As a warehouse logistics specialist, you will primarily work in warehouses – and these can be found in all sectors of the economy. Mechanical engineering, automotive industry, aviation or chemical industry? As a warehouse logistics specialist, you can practically choose which industry you want to work in. The reason: as a rule, every company has a warehouse that needs to be maintained. The type of warehouse also differs depending on the goods in question. Some goods are stored on huge shelves, some in containers, others in barrels or crates. And in some companies, you will also work with flammable or other hazardous materials. These place their own demands on you and must be handled with care. But with the support of computers, digital assistants, scales and, of course, the knowledge from your dual training, you will be excellently equipped.

What should you bring with you? 

Are you no stranger to disorganization? Then you already have a quality that is indispensable in warehouse logistics: a penchant for organizing and planning. After all, the most important thing there is to structure the warehouse. Your training company also wants you to have at least a secondary school leaving certificate. Physical fitness is also an advantage. Because although you will have mechanical support when moving containers, it doesn’t hurt if you can lend a hand yourself. And because things sometimes have to happen quickly, it would be good if you can keep a cool head even in stressful phases.

Your apprenticeship at a glance

  • Duration 3.5 years
  • Theory at vocational school, practice at the training company
  • Training content ranging from correct storage and ordering of goods to national and international customs regulations.
  • After your apprenticeship and with some work experience, you can develop your skills in a variety of ways. For example, you have the opportunity to continue your training and take your master craftsman’s examination. This will increase both your responsibility and your salary. Another option is to study. For example, you could study logistics or supply chain management.

Training period:

3.5 years

Recommended school-leaving qualification:

High school

Average salary:

1st year: € 649 to € 1,160
2nd year: € 766 to € 1,227
3rd year: € 876 to € 1,289

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